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The Revolutionary Solution That Reunites Lost Pets With Their Owners.

Welcome to The Find-Me App, your ultimate companion in the world of pet ownership. We are Find Me APP UK Ltd, dedicated to revolutionizing the way you care for and connect with your beloved pets. With a plethora of innovative features designed to streamline your pet parenting experience, Find-Me App is here to ensure that every wag of your pet’s tail and every purr of contentment brings you peace of mind.

At Find-Me App, we believe that pets are not just animals; they are cherished members of our families. That’s why we offer complimentary lifetime access to our lost and found functionality for all users. We understand the heartache of losing a furry friend, and our platform is designed to unite lost pets with their worried owners swiftly and efficiently.

Our online pet profile page is your pet’s digital playground, where you can curate and update their information with just a click. From their favorite treats to their latest adventures, you have the power to share their story with the world, ensuring that your pet’s unique personality shines bright.

Privacy and security are paramount at The Find-Me App. With our innovative feature, users can hide all their personal information with a single click, providing peace of mind in an age of digital connectivity.

Losing a pet can be a harrowing experience, but with The Find-Me App, you’re never alone. Our platform allows you to mark your pet as lost, instantly notifying all nearby app users within a 5-mile radius. This Community-driven approach harnesses the power of technology to mobilize a network of caring individuals, increasing the chances of your pet’s safe return.

And as The Find-Me App Community grows, so does its power. We believe that together, we can create a stronger network of pet owners who are dedicated to helping each other. The bigger our community gets, the more powerful it becomes in finding lost pets and reuniting them with their owners.

Once your pet’s QR code tag is scanned, the magic truly begins. You’ll receive an instant notification that your lost pet has been found, complete with a map pinpointing their exact GPS location. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to peace of mind, knowing that your furry friend is just a scan away from being reunited with you.

What sets Find-Me App apart is our commitment to sustainability and safety. Our tags never run out of battery power and never require charging, eliminating the need for potentially harmful radiation exposure. With Find-Me App, you can rest assured that your pet’s well-being is our top priority.

Join The Find-Me App family today and experience the future of pet care. Together, we can ensure every pet finds their way home.

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Take A Look At Some Of The Amazing Features That Are Free For All Users

Free Complimentary lifetime free access to the the lost and found functionality.

Online pets profile page which is users can edit & up date at the click of a button.

Users can hide all their personal information with one click.

Mark a pet as lost on the app, and it will instantly notify all app users within a 5 mile radius to keep an eye for your lost pet.

When a lost pet’s Qr Code Tag is scanned, the owner will instantly receive a notification that their lost pet
has been found. The notification includes a map pinpointing the exact GPS location of the pet.

The tag will never run out of battery power and will never need charging. There is no risk of radiation.