How It Works

If Your Pet Wanders off: Activate An SOS

Okay, you are all set up and your pets are protected by The Find-Me App. So, lets imagine the unimaginable happens and your pet “Rosie” wanders off. What do you do next?
1. If your pet goes missing, open The Find-Me App on your device.
2. Tap on the “Mark Pet as Lost`` option without hesitation.
3. Immediately, a notification will be sent to all Find-Me App users within a five-mile radius of your location. The notification will say ``My Pet Rosie is lost``. Please help me. Please keep an eye out for It”.

    how it works Find-Me App
    How It Works Find-Me App 1
    The Search For Your Lost Pet has begun

    Let's imagine a scenario where you are in the woods and there are 7 other app users within a 5-mile radius of your location. Unfortunately, your pet “Rosie” wanders off, you immediately mark Rosie as lost on The Find-Me App. The other 7 app users will receive the notification stating “MY PET Rosie is Lost``. Please help me. Please keep an eye out for it”. (As described in No 3 above). This means there will now be, including yourself, a total of 8 like-minded people actively looking out for your pet. This collective effort would be remarkable even if it was just one additional person. But the fact that it could be 5, 6, 10, or even 15 additional people is amazing. Not only that, if anyone, not just fellow app users, but anyone, finds your pet and scans the tag, an image of your pet and a notification saying ``PLEASE HELP! I’m Lost Click Below To Send My Location To My Owners`` will appear on their device. By clicking on the Provide Geolocation Data tab and utilizing The Find-Me App’s powerful lost and found function they have helped to increase the chances of finding lost pets quickly and safely by as much as 87%.

      Pet has been located.

      When someone finds your pet, they will check the tag and scan the QR code. Once scanned, you will receive a instant notification saying ``Pet Tag Scanned. Rosie’s tag has been scanned. Click here for location information`` The person who scanned the tag will now have access to your contact details. When you click on the notification, a map will appear showing the exact location of your pet with a marker. On the map, there is a Get Directions tab. Clicking this tab will transfer you to your smartphones map app, where you can access directions to your found pet. With these directions, you will soon be reunited with your pet!

        How It Works Find-Me App 2
        how it works Find-Me App 3
        Pet and owner are reunited

        Fantastic news. You are reunited with your pet. The stress and anxiety are over for both you and your pet quicker than you could imagine thanks partially to The Find-Me App. Wagging tails and big smiles, cuddles, and hugs, treats and strokes. But do not forget to turn off the lost pet alert. As soon as you do all those fellow app users will be notified that your pet is back home safe and well. And they will be thanked for their help. Its massively important to realise that the bigger The Find-Me App Community becomes the more effective the lost and found feature becomes and the quicker distressed owners and pets will become reunited. This can only reduce the chance of accidents happening which will result in many happy endings. So spread the word, tell your friends, your family, your vets, fellow pet owners, your dog groomers, your pet shop, and anyone else who comes to mind about The Find-Me App community.